Welding Department:

Operating in 5000m² of closed area, our welding facility serves with qualified personnel according to American,Canadian and European gas metal arc welding standards. With the sliders, positioners and addition of new welding robots the capacity of the facility is about 1000 tons. 

As being the first and only Turkish company to be certified with the CSA division 1 certificate, MSIM provides its services for the power transmission lines, switchyard steel structures, telecom towers and constructural steel members production. 

The SAP system which is integrated with the whole Mitas Group enables MSIM to monitor the production process in  momentarily basis. 

All manuel welding machines that are being used in production are cynergic type and in additon to this MSIM has furnished it’s manufacturing area with a special local ventilation system to protect personnel, which filters the gasses by means of suction that the welding processes produce.